Nevo Mastering pil
Nevo Mastering pil


We enhance your artistic vision and always provide a dynamic and musical mastering.

With some of the best analogue and digital mastering equipment, perfect room acoustics and great knowledge, we finalize your production and make sure it´s ready for release in any desired format.
We all know how much work it takes behind the creation of a song or an entire album and therefore we want to be part of that process.
We are more than happy to provide tips and feedback at the end of the mixing stage! This way we can make sure to do the best job possible for your production.

We offer our new customers a free sample!





As a customer you have the opportunity to get a free sample of about 60 seconds of your song before you decide to make your booking. Fill out the form below and submit your material by following the instructions.
A sample mastering has a delivery time of 1-4 working days.


We always listen carefully to your artistic visions and demands. We always work until you are completely satisfied with the mastering and therefore never charge extra for revisions. If we have done several masters of the same project and you are still not satisfied with the result, we will of course make a refund.


Here you can calculate your price and then make your booking.
Please fill out this form to see the price of your mastering. if you are unsure of any of these choices then describe your request in the field “Questions / Desires” in the next step.
We will contact you further and give you more information as soon as possible. Delivery time is currently approx. 1-4 working days.

JUST NU! 20% rabatt på mastering

Erbjudandet gäller fram till 31:a januari!


Price: €

25% vat will be added on the total price for privat persons. Companies with registered vat-number will not be charged swedish vat from us.





This is only a recommendation. We take care of your files regardless of format, level etc.

Headroom / Limiting

• When making your final mix, be sure to leave at least -6dB at peak level.
• Do not use any “Brickwall” limiter on the master bus at mixdown. If you still want to use compressors EQ or limters to add character to the mix, than be careful not to compress or limit too hard.
• Do not normalize your files at mixdown.


• Do not cut or bounce your mixed files too close the beginning and end, please leave a few seconds before, and a few seconds after all instruments, delays and reverbs are completely silent.
• Do not fade at the end of the song, please leave it to us. Please describe if you have wishes for special in / out fades. Sometimes a fade can be absolutely crucial to the end of the song.


• Please send us your audio files in WAV or AIFF format. Please avoid sending us .Mp3 or other compressed/lossy formats.(if compressed files are all you have, we will handle it anyway).
• As far as Sample rate and Bit depth are concerned, we would like the files to be in the same resolution as your recording and mix were made. Please don´t convert the files aftrer mixdown unless absolutely necessary.


• Rename your files like this: ”[Track number on album, eg 01] – [Full song title] – [ev. ISRC code] ”
• If we are going to make a DDP master for you, we would like to have a document with this information: * Artist / band name, * Album title, * Complete song list, * possibly. ISRC codes, * ev. EAN / UPC code, * Special requests for number of seconds between tracks.
• Make a ZIP file of all files before uploading your material. Also name this with artist / band name and your email address.


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