How much does it cost to hire you?

Prices vary by number of songs and desired end product. Single, EP Album, CD / DDP, Vinylmaster Etc.You can easily see the price of your mastering through our order form

How do I send my files to you?

When you have completed the order form you will be referred to a link for upload.
You can also use for example wetransfer.com and send your files to info@nevomastering.eu

Do you offer free trial mastering?

Yes, Nevo Mastering offers all new customers a free sample mastering of your own material if desired. We select approx. 60-90 seconds of your song and send a mastered version to you, you can calmly listen and see if you want to hire us to master your project.

What if I’m not satisfied with the result of the mastering?

We always work on until you are 100% satisfied. If you are not satisfied after a number of revisions, we will of course make a refund to you.

What file format should I send?

We prefer 24 bit .WAV or .AIFF (44.1-192 resolution is acceptable) Please keep the files in the format that the were recorded and mixed in. Do not convert to higher Bitrate / Resolution before sending your files. Please avoid sending us .Mp3 files or other compressed/lossy formats. IF you only have your files as .Mp3, we will of course help you out anyway.

How do i prepare my files for mastering?

Please remove any Brickwall limiter from the mix bus. Other effects that fulfill a purpose for the mix such as compressor, EQ etc are left on mixdown.
Listen carefully for unwanted sounds like small clicks caused by clips etc and fix them. These small beauty errors that can occur in mixes tend to become much clearer after mastering and should therefore be addressed at the mixing stage.

What is a premaster / DDP master?

A premaster is something you need to make CDs at a pressing plant and can sometimes be needed for digital distribution on the Internet. A DDP premaster is a set of files that contains all the audio and information needed to make CDs.
Usually, the DDP files are packed into a zip file and can then easily be sent to the pressing plant. DDP is the premaster format we recommend. If you want a DDP premaster it is important that we have all the necessary information already at the time of mastering!

Please provide the following information for your DDP master:
Correct song order, correctly spelled song names, ISRC codes for all tracks, Title of production (name of album), artist name. Possible EAN code.
Before we can deliver a premaster we need your approval of the production content. This approval will be sent to you as a stand-alone DDP player so you can check your entire CD including CD text, Pauses between tracks, and fades etc.

What are ISRC codes?

ISRC codes are a unique identification code for each track on a disc. Please check where to get ISRC codes in your country.
If you need to release your music for online distribution, you usually enter the ISRC codes yourself when uploading audio files.

What are production numbers, catalog numbers and EAN / UPC code?

Production number, also called catalog number, is a code specific to the production and is determined by who publish the disc. Usually, the production number is printed on the back of the finished CD box and is often used by the pressing plant to identify your production.
If we have received the production number from you, we will ensure that the final premaster is labeled with it. The EAN / UPC code is the barcode of the disc. You usually get it either through your record label or distributor, or buy it yourself from a provider in your country.

I will only release my production for online streaming (Spotify etc), Do I need a premaster?

The audio files you receive for approval (wav, 16 bit, 44.1 kHz) can usually be used for online distribution. In some cases, a DDP premaster is required, please check this with your online distributor.

What does “Mastered for iTunes” mean?

Mastered for iTunes are Apple guidelines that aim to make music sound as good as possible on the iTunes Music Store.
Nevo Mastering follows these guidelines.

Im going to release a vinyl, do I need a special master for that?

In many cases, the same master works well for both CD, online distribution and vinyl engraving, although it is usually an advantage to produce a separate version for the vinyl engraving. It is important, for example, that there is silence between the tracks, and that the sides have sensible lengths to fit the vinyl format you intend to release. Sometimes, therefore, another track order may be needed for the vinyl version. If it is important to have a strong overall level on the CD, then it may also be a good idea to let the vinyl version be less limited. Audio files that work well for vinyl engraving have much in common with audio files that follow the guidelines of Mastered for iTunes, so it’s often fine to use the same for both.



This is only a recommendation. We take care of your files regardless of format, level etc.

Headroom / Limiting

• When making your final mix, be sure to leave at least -6dB at peak level.
• Do not use any “Brickwall” limiter on the master bus at mixdown. If you still want to use compressors EQ or limters to add character to the mix, than be careful not to compress or limit too hard.
• Do not normalize your files at mixdown.


• Do not cut or bounce your mixed files too close the beginning and end, please leave a few seconds before, and a few seconds after all instruments, delays and reverbs are completely silent.
• Do not fade at the end of the song, please leave it to us. Please describe if you have wishes for special in / out fades. Sometimes a fade can be absolutely crucial to the end of the song.


• Please send us your audio files in WAV or AIFF format. Please avoid sending us .Mp3 or other compressed/lossy formats.(if compressed files are all you have, we will handle it anyway).
• As far as Sample rate and Bit depth are concerned, we would like the files to be in the same resolution as your recording and mix were made. Please don´t convert the files aftrer mixdown unless absolutely necessary.


• Rename your files like this: ”[Track number on album, eg 01] – [Full song title] – [ev. ISRC code] ”
• If we are going to make a DDP master for you, we would like to have a document with this information: * Artist / band name, * Album title, * Complete song list, * possibly. ISRC codes, * ev. EAN / UPC code, * Special requests for number of seconds between tracks.
• Make a ZIP file of all files before uploading your material. Also name this with artist / band name and your email address.