Give us more control with stem mastering

Nevo Mastering also do stem mastering.
This way of mastering is a more accurate process where we are able to make adjustments in frequency, compression equalization etc. within different groups of instruments.

In short, you provide us 4-8 stereo files as stems of your final mix. This can be, for example, drums, bass, guitars, keyboard and vocals. We set up these groups at exactly the same level, which means that this will initially sound just like your final mix. We can then make these adjustments that we think are needed and ultimately sum them up for example in an analog domain to add colour and richness to the sound.

This process makes it possible for us to process only for example drums or guitars without affecting the other instrument groups. We recommend that you consult with us on how and what you group before submitting your stems.

It is also important that you are completely satisfied and done with your mix before you do stem groups.

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